15 August, 2022 15:30

RSF to fund 31 interdisciplinary projects

RSF will provide funding to 31 new projects that promote interdisciplinary, international and cross-regional collaboration of the applicants who propose breakthrough research involving other partners in academia.
Credit: RSF Press Office

In the RSF view, all research domains are considered equally important. Interdisciplinary research integrating elements (theories, methods, concepts, etc.) from two or more scientific disciplines, is defined as research across disciplinary boundaries. This type of breakthrough research with great degree of novelty goes beyond existing theories, models, methods, etc. It explores new lines of research and has a high potential for impact in or beyond academia.

In such collaborative research, the expertise and knowledge of the team members and scientific partners is complementary. Their collaboration and synergy are essential for achieving the research goals and create added value.

Within the framework of the RSF interdisciplinary competitions, funding is provided for projects carried out in various research fields and by various research performing organizations called "co-executors" of the overall research work.

31 projects approved for funding will get awards for 2022-2025 with the amount of such grant of up to 15 million Russian rubles per project per year.

Currently, RSF announced the new call for such interdisciplinary proposals for projects in 2023 – 2026.

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