Call for external peer review experts of the Russian Science Foundation

The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC - as the official contractor of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) to provide high-profile international peer-review invites outstanding foreign researchers to join the diverse pool of RSF international reviewers. Currently, there are over 1 600 honorary contributors from around the globe representing 55 countries.

With an annual budget of about US$ 337 million (the fiscal year 2021), Russian Science Foundation (RSF) ( is the excellence-driven premier research funder in Russia providing sufficient financial support for the cutting-edge research projects in all branches of frontier science, including humanities.

The RIAC is looking for experts in a broad range of scientific disciplines, including
- Mathematics, Computer and Systems Sciences;
- Physics and Space Sciences;
- Chemistry and Material sciences;
- Biology and Life Sciences;
- Basic Research for Medicine;
- Agricultural Sciences;
- Earth sciences;
- Humanities and Social Sciences;
- Engineering Sciences.

The review process consists of the several stages, where each proposal is evaluated by 2 to 5 external reviewers from Russia and abroad exclusively according to scientific merit; based on these review reports, the members of an expert panel conduct an evaluation, and the final decision is made by an interdisciplinary expert council consisting of a leading scientists that are regularly rotated by the research community based on the basis on the on-line voting process.

The external peer-review of research projects proposals is assumed to be performed online through the RSF Information and Analysis System. The peer-review of project proposal includes completion of a questionnaire consisting of 10-15 multiple-choice questions and provision of a general statement of assessment in arbitrary format.

Should you have any questions and/or choose to take advantage of this opportunity and wish to join the pool of the RSF external peer-reviewers, please write to Elena Karpinskaya, the Deputy Program Director of the RIAC (e-mail:; phone +7 495 225-6283 (ext. 127).