1 March, 2024 17:43

New strategy of Russian Science Foundation for the period until 2030

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Russian Science Foundation Development until 2030.
Credit: RSF Press Office

With a focus on pursuing a comprehensive approach to addressing strategic objectives of basic studies, research, development, and technological work, as well as to facilitating the creation of knowledge-intensive technology solutions that are of importance for the socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation, the President approved the Strategy of the Russian Science Foundation for the period until 2030.

The document defines priority areas of activity, strategic goals and objectives of development, as well as the principles of the RSF for the next six years.

The expected social and economic results of the implementation of this strategy are:

a) realizing creative potential, income growth and improving the quality of life of researchers, including young specialists;

b) improving the effectiveness of science in Russia, including the level of basic research;

c) increasing production based on domestic knowledge-intensive technologies, including import substitution in core technologies.

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