18 June, 2024 15:01

Vladimir Bespalov met with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

On 6 June 2024, RSF Director General had a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to discuss the results of the RSF funding activities for the previous year and the tasks set for the Foundation in the near future, including issues of competitive research funding in new Russian regions and the popularization of science among young people.
Credit: The Presidential Press Office

Concerning new RSF priority area set by the President Vladimir Putin in applied research and technologies, Vladimir Bespalov presented the first outcomes: “In 2023 the RSF funded 60 applied research projects, we successfully prepared new call guidelines and created specific scientific and technological council. All applied research projects are to contribute to certain technologies with possibilities for future production. The result of these projects is new technologies, samples, and models of new products. This type of funding has aroused great interest not only among the research community, but also in the industry.

The call for technology partners attracted 200 technology proposals from 122 organizations, most of which were enterprises of the real sector of the economy. The Russian Science Foundation supported 56 technology proposals from 36 enterprises. All enterprises – technology customers – not only co-fund the projects, but also effectively participate together with the Foundation at all stages in the creation of the final product. Their participation is the most important element in the implementation of these projects and a guarantee that the declared results will be achieved.”

Сlosing the meeting, Mikhail Mishustin asked the Russian Science Foundation to think about how to popularize science among schoolchildren and young people, may be through joint activities with the Russian Ministry of Education.


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