24 November, 2023 12:17

RSF contributes to the International RUSSIA EXPO

On the National Unity Day, the International RUSSIA EXPO was launched on the territory of VDNKh. Federal ministries and departments, public organizations and technology companies as well as leading Russian universities and research institutes representing 89 regions of Russia present their most important achievements. Through the expositions of the Russian Science Foundation, the EXPO visitors will be able to find themselves inside real research laboratories and to learn about the most recent discoveries of the Russian researchers. During the first month of work the EXPO was visited by 2 million 125 thousand people.
Credit: the organizing Committee of the Internationa expo "Russia"
Credit: the organizing Committee of the Internationa expo "Russia"
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Credit: the organizing Committee of the Internationa expo "Russia"
Credit: the organizing Committee of the Internationa expo "Russia"

The most important achievements of the country are gathered in one place where you can spend time with comfort and benefit. The expositions visualized in a clear and interactive way the main priorities of the scientific and technological development of Russia and the main challenges for the research community today – “Citizens of Science. Education of the Future”, "Medicine and Quality of Life”, "Ecology”, "Agriculture”, "Security”, "Connectivity of the Territory”, "Energy”, "New Production Technologies and Materials”, "Laboratory" and other halls are full of interactive exhibits. The interactive exposition "Decade of Science and Technology" features the most important achievements and prospects of science.

In the "Laboratory" hall, everyone will be able to get acquainted with modern research equipment. Thanks to the RSF multimedia project "Science in 360 °", you can be transferred to the laboratories of the country's leading research institutes, see how experiments take place and what the researcher's work looks like. The collection of virtual tours is regularly updated.

The International RUSSIA EXPO is held at VDNH in Moscow from November 4, 2023 to April 12, 2024. The best time to visit is in the mornings and on weekdays, but the exposition is open to everyone on weekends as well. All expositions and events are free of charge.

We once again thank our visitors for their interest and the fruitful discussions!


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