17 December, 2021 13:27

New Russian-Austrian projects approved for funding

The Russian Science Foundation and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) have announced three winners of their third joint call for proposals.
Credit: RSF Press Office

The review of the projects was carried out by both Russian and Austrian parties in parallel independently. The teams that will get funding obtained positive assessments from experts in both countries.

The RSF grant will be from 4 to 7 million Russian rubles annually for the period of 2022–2024.

Since 2017, 12 joint projects were supported under the terms of the RSF-FWF funding program.


The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is Austria's central funding organization for basic research. The purpose of the FWF is to support the ongoing development of Austrian science and basic research at a high international level. In this way, the FWF makes a significant contribution to cultural development, to the advancement of our knowledge-based society, and thus to the creation of value and wealth in Austria.

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