3 April, 2023 12:03

New RSF awards: 585 projects, 209 project extensions, 31 interdisciplinary projects

The Russian Science Foundation announced the results of competitive selection for three calls for proposals, grants for interdisciplinary research projects, for research groups and the extension of projects of research groups funded since 2019. In total, 825 projects will be funded with total amount of more than 16.6 billion Russian rubles (appx. 215 million US dollars) in 2023-2025.
Credit: RSF Press Office

585 individual research groups were funded for the period of 2023-2025 with subsequently possible extension for another one or two years. The size of one team grant will be up to 7 million rubles annually.

In 2022, three-year projects of individual research groups supported by the Foundation in 2020, were completed. The terms of those grant agreements provided for the extension of the projects for a period of one to two years. Within the framework of competitive renewal, 209 projects received funding extension. The size of one grant will be up to 7 million rubles annually.

RSF will also provide funding to 31 new projects that promote interdisciplinary, international and cross-regional collaboration of the applicants who propose breakthrough research involving other partners in academia. In such collaborative research, the expertise and knowledge of the team members and scientific partners is complementary. Their collaboration and synergy are essential for achieving the research goals and create added value.

These 31 interdisciplinary projects will get awards for 2023-2026 in amount of up to 15 million Russian rubles per project per year with subsequently possible competitive extension for the next three years.


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