16 September, 2021 15:24

RSF rolls-out new funding program with 42 Russian regions

On September 15, the Russian Science Foundation finalized the list of the Russian regions contributing to the newly launched regional competitions. 42 regions confirmed their contribution as co-funding partners in these competitions in 2022 in the total amount of 750 million rubles. The terms of the competitions stipulate that the review and the selection of fundable projects will be carried out at the federal level with the participation of the representatives of the regions, and the RSF will provide matching funding on the parity basis for the projects that are finally recommended for funding.
Credit: RSF Press Office

Within the framework of these competitions, research groups will be supported by two-year grants in the amount of up to 1.5 million rubles per project a year and three-year grants in the amount of 4 to 7 million rubles per project a year.

These newly launched funding initiatives are aimed at solving the problems of priority research areas specified by the regions as well as at solving the problems of socio-economic development of the different territories of the Russian Federation. The list of such research tasks was determined by each region independently. Only projects hosted by the organization located in the corresponding region, can be submitted for this program. When all applications are submitted, the regions will assess the compliance of the proposals submitted with the conditions they specified.

Detailed information about this funding program, the list of participating regions and the conditions for their participation are published on the website of the Russian Science Foundation in the section "Funding".

The deadline for submitting applications is 17.00 (Moscow time) on October 15, 2021.

The results of the action will be announced in March 2022.

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